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To introduce myself

4/5/14 by ARHYST


"It is perception of everyday life, past, and personality through the lens of dark subconscious and abstract relevance. Music of ARHYST is a devastating force of the deepest inner canyons carved by hate, sadism, misanthropy and other grateful psychosis, far from the ordinary lights of ordinary emotions. Its fear which attracts fearsome." - S. Popovic

This unique music project by a single artist Strahinja Popovic is created in July of 2005. Guided by unmistakable feel for making dark atmosphere, the first album Birth Of Hybridity (respected publisher is written and recorded in the same year. Making ordinary into something extraordinary isnt easy, but ARHYST successfully managed to do it. Birth Of Hybridity is just a beginning...ARHYST never failed to shock, fascinate and frighten his fans with unique sense for dark ambient music.

About composer:

Not much to say. Just an ordinary guy in an unusual environment.
I am open for cooperaton on various projects. Feel free to contact me.


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Welcome to NG :)

4/6/14 ARHYST responds:

Hey Elitistinen! Thank you, its good to be here. ;)